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The Free Church Seminary

Free Church Seminary

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  • This course is a distance-learning course. It is modular in structure, with ten modules - two in each discipline - to be completed within 2 calendar years;

  • One module in each of two disciplines will be taken within 13 weeks according to a set Time-table;

  • In each module there will be an essay of not more than 1000 words and a test at the end of each of the modules;

  • A pass rate of 50%+ will apply in all modules;

  • On successfully completing all the modules the student will qualify for the ‘Certificate in Theological Studies’;

  • The course is open to any men, office-bearers or otherwise, concerned to receive basic instruction in biblical and reformed doctrine, history and practice. It is not restricted to men within the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) but it is to be understood that it is not intended as a course to prepare men for office in that Church;

  • There will be a fee of £25 for each module, payable in advance. The total cost of the two-year course, therefore, will be £250.


For further information contact:-


      Rev. Graeme Craig

       36 Newvalley


       Isle of Lewis HS2 0DN

      Tel: 01851 700298