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Hebrew & Old Testament


Year 1 - Biblical Hebrew

This course aims to give a good working knowledge of biblical Hebrew; including, Hebrew grammar and exegesis, a translation of Genesis 1:1-19, the history of the language and its family tree. The course is based on J. Weingreen's "A Practical Grammar For Classical Hebrew" with the emphasis on 'classical' Hebrew. Students who have studied Hebrew to degree level may be exempt from this course.


Year 2 - Junior Old Testament

This course of 65 lectures is divided into four modules; The Pentateuch, The Historical Books, The Poetic Books, The Prophetic Books. The books of the Old Testament are studied from four viewpoints; Historical Analysis, Literary Analysis, Thematic Analysis, New Testament Analysis. There is also further exegesis of Old Testament texts.


Year 3 - Senior Old Testament

This course examines in greater depth several theological issues. This includes the history and relevance of Biblical Theology, the attributes of God in the Old Testament, the Creation account (incl. Adam and the Fall),  Covenant Theology, Dispensationalism, Israel as God's people, the sacrifices and feasts in Israel, the Old Testament priesthood, Christ in the Old Testament, Old Testament Prophets and prophesy, and Old Testament Ethics.  There is also exegesis of several Old Testament texts relevant to the above themes.



The following textbooks will be used on the course.

  • A Practical Grammar For Classical Hebrew, J. Weingreen

  • Biblical Theology, Old And New Testament, Geerhardus Vos

  • The Interpretation of Prophecy, Patrick Fairbairn

  • Toward Old Testament Ethics, Walter C. Kaiser, Jr

  • The Theology of the Older Testament, J. Barton Payne

  • The Ark of the Covenant Opened, Partick Gillespie

  • The Covenant of Life Opened, Samuel Rutherford


Course Structure

The course is moderated through the 'Talent Learning Management System' where all course material can be accessed. Each student is given access to the Talent LMS site on enrolling in the course.

  • Year 1 - this course will be taught by three one-hour online lectures per week for thirty weeks during the Session. The lectures are normally recorded so that students may listen to the lectures again.

  • Years 2 and 3 - these courses will be taught by a mixture of online lectures, recorded lectures, and self-study.



  • There will be a class exam at the end of each Session.  

  • Students will be expected to complete one essay in each of years 2 and 3.