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Copperfield House

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The Free Church Seminary

Free Church Seminary

Westhill, Inverness

Church History & Church Principles



Year 1

c30AD-1560 (Sottish Reformation)

This covers three periods:

(A) c30AD-c800AD Early Church to the rise of the Papacy examining individuals and controversies fand defence of orthodoxy .

(B) c800-c1400 Medieval era with reference to doctrinal controversies.

(C) c1400-1560. Pre-Reformation and Reformation period covering Church corruption, early reformers and Genevan Reformation.


Year 2.


(A) Post Reformation (1560-1600) including Knox; Books of Discipline; Revival.

(B) 17th Century. Dort. Scottish conflict with Episcopacy. Covenants. 1690

(C) 18th Century - Deism, Evangelicalism (Boston). Seceders. Moderatism

(D) 19th Century. Evangelical revival. Ten Years conflict. Establishment principle.

(E) 20th Century. 1900 Crises & Union. aftermath of 1904. Division 2000


Church Principles

The following are covered over a two year period

(A) The Church: marks, headshi, relationship to the Statep

(B) Creeds and Confessions

(C) Worship

(D) Sacraments

(E) Offices

(F) Church Government

(G) Practioce fo the Free Church