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Seminary Report 2019


This is my last Report as Principal of the Seminary.  It has been my joy and privilege to serve as Lecturer in Church History & Principles for the past eleven years and Principal for five.  To be entrusted by the Church in  these  roles  has  been  humbling.    I  can  but  pray  that  the  Lord  would  follow  with  His  blessing  the  work done, in which I have  had a felt inadequacy, but dependence upon Himself.  This is something keenly felt by all the Lecturers.


The work of the Seminary has proceeded well this year.  Our two able students are at the end of their course and  will  graduate  in  June,  Lord  willing.    There  is one  other  student  passing  through  the  Seminary  course, Mr Tyler Ray, who is attached to our Atlanta congregation.  He has just completed his first year of a four-year course.


Although  there  are  no  students  anticipated  for  the  next  Session,  the  Lecturers  will  be  active  with  a  new distance-learning  Certificate  in  Theological  Studies  course.    This  is  a  two-year  modular  course  covering core  issues  in  all  five  disciplines.    Each  of  the  Lecturers  has  two  modules  in  their  own  subjects.    The purpose  of  the  Certificate  course  is  not  to  prepare  men  for  the  ministry  as  such,  but  to  make  Biblical  and Reformed  teaching  available  to  those  office-bearers  and  other  laymen  who  desire  an  introduction  to  some Reformed  distinctives  in  a  manageable  way  for  those  who  are  working  men.    This  course  was  initiated  at the beginning of the year (2019) and there are three students (from the USA, Kenya and Northern Ireland) pursuing the course.  The Seminary Committee are restricting entry to three students per year only.


Another notable feature of the work of the Seminary is the production for 2019 of the 5th Annual Seminary Journal.  Once again, all the lecturers have contributed to an interesting and stimulating piece of work.  We commend it to the Church.


We  are  deeply  thankful  to  the  Lord  for  His  goodness  to  us  in  enabling  this  good  work  to  continue.    We solicit  the  prayers  of  the  Church  that  the  work  of  the  Seminary  and  each  of  the  lecturers  might  be abundantly  blessed  by  the  Holy  Spirit,  and  that  it  may  please  the  Lord  Jesus  to  raise  up  among  us  both students for the work of the ministry and lecturers to continue to prepare men for this greatest of callings.


John W. Keddie,  Principal