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Systematic Theology



The course aims to give the student a good grasp of the full scope of Systematic Theology. This will provide a foundation for the individual student to deepen and enrich his knowledge of Systematic Theology for the rest of his life. The course will draw on Historical and Biblical Theology.


Year 1

Introduction to Systematic Theology.

The Doctrine of God – His Being, Works, General and Special Revelation.

The Doctrine of Man in Relation to God – Man in his Original State, Man in the State of Sin, Man in the Covenant of Grace.

The Doctrine of the Person of Christ – The States and Offices of Christ.

Year 2

The Doctrine of the Work of Christ – The Atonement – Its Nature, Necessity and Extent.

The Doctrine of the Application of Redemption – The Operation of the Holy Spirit, Common Grace, Mystical Union with Christ, Regeneration and Effectual Calling, Conversion, Faith, Justification, Sanctification, the Perseverance of the Saints.

The Doctrine of the Church – The Nature, Power and Government of the Church.

The Means of Grace – The Word and the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

Eschatology – Physical Death, Immortality of the Soul, the Intermediate State, the Millennium, the Second Coming, the Resurrection, the Final Judgement, Heaven and Hell.


The following textbooks and reference works will be used in this course:

Systematic Theology – Louis Berkhof.

Institutes of the Christian Religion – John Calvin.

Institutes of Elenctic Theology – Francis Turretin.

The Works of Jonathan Edwards.

Systematic Theology – Charles Hodge.

Dogmatic Theology – William G T Shedd.

Systematic Theology – Robert L Dabney.

The Collected Writings of John H Thornwell.

The Works of Benjamine B Warfield.

Collected Writings of John Murray.

A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith – Robert L Reymond.

Westminster Confession of Faith.

The Confession of Faith – A A Hodge.

Examinations and Essays

Two Essays of around 1000 words will be required of students within the first year and a Discourse of around 7000 words is required in the second year. There will be an examination at the end of each academic year on the subjects covered in that year.